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Around town

When I gave up my freelancing job to take a permanent, full-time position, I looked forward to security, stability, and a bigger paycheck. Unfortunately, I failed to realize how sad I would be to give up the flexibility to take a trip anywhere at any time–to Glasgow, Trieste, Bielefeld, or Prague, for example.

Luckily for me, Falmouth is not a bad place to be stuck for the majority of the year. It may not be as exciting, exotic, or glamorous as some of the places I’ve visited since initiating my travel blog, but it’s certainly not unattractive or boring. Because I carry a camera with me wherever I go, I can capture the little everyday sights that make Falmouth a wonderful place to be year-round. It’s these little touches of whimsy, creativity, and ridiculousness that make it easier to bear the long gaps in between holidays to other towns–and, sometimes, make me wonder why I’d want to vacation anywhere else at all.

yarn bomb
A “yarn bomb” in Penryn, home of many arty/crafty graduates of Falmouth University. These just appeared one day a couple weeks ago and, amazingly, have not been taken down by council authorities. We’ve also received several (smaller-scale) bombs around campus this term, and I’ve been equally surprised that the folks in Estates have let them remain in place. Pretty soon, all of Penryn will be covered purls and granny squares!
Project Penguin
I’m very curious as to what “Project Penguin” actually is, and what it entails (other than, obviously, graffiti left on Council property).
heart graffiti_edit
I think I’ve previously posted a similar photo of Falmouth heart graffiti. These are all over town, and whenever I am out on my walks I am always keeping an eye out to see if I can spot ones in new locations. A clever and creative person would come up with a way to make this into a game…
Over the past year, I’ve sat in on several meetings during which the students have begged us to lobby, on their behalf, for a bike rack at the bottom of the hill. The rack was finally installed a couple weeks ago, and what did the students do? Steal a shopping cart from Asda (something that happens on a regular basis, I should add), and park it where the bikes should be. *sigh*
gull garbage
Shenanigans aren’t unique to students. Here’s the mess left by a few of our many resident herring gulls after the Sea Shanty Festival wrapped up last weekend. When I awoke at 6:30 on Monday morning, I could hear the gulls fighting over all the scraps, and could smell the scent of garbage wafting through our open window. I can just imagine the conversation that people had the night before, leading to this mess: “Can we wait until tomorrow morning to deal with these overflowing garbage bins?” “Sure, no problem. What’s the worst that could happen?”
I photographed almost exactly the same scene last year, so I couldn’t help but do it again this year with a slightly more hi-def camera and a wider view of the landscape. This is definitely one of the most picturesque areas of our campus.
2014-06-04 18.33.18
Two things that Cornwall does particularly well: hedgerows and stone walls. The lichens, liverworts, ivies, and flowers ensure that there is a flash of color no matter where you go or what time of year it is. These purple flowers are so bright that, from a distance, they almost look like electric lights that someone has strung up along the sidewalk.
Some of the local buses could use a bit of an upgrade. However, you can still find beauty even amongst the decay–such as this origami crane created from a bus ticket and then tucked into the peeling upholstery. I usually see at least one ticket origami critter a week.
origami crane portrait
Here is a close-up of the folded critter itself. I think it is amazing that people memorize how to create animals out of paper. I have made these before, myself, but have then immediately forgotten how. I’d be really impressed if someone left behind something different, such as a giraffe or an elephant.
2014-05-13 19.29.35
Speaking of creativity, here is the amazing meal I had the last time I went to The Shack. I’ve already done an all-out review of the restaurant before, and we go there fairly frequently, so I won’t bore everyone by waxing eloquent every single time we visit. This was the first time in ages that I got anything other than the scallops, and it was totally worth the experiment–some sort of white fish (hake, maybe?) sauteed greens, and various tuber purees. I practically licked my plate clean. Seriously, that chef knows how to cook.
A view down one of the many “opes” in town. This one is just off High Street, and offers a lovely view over to Flushing. I know it’s there, and yet every time I pass it I always have the sense of having just discovered a little treasure. Needless to say, I’d love to live in one of the places down at the bottom of the staircase!
2014-06-18 14.30.13
When it comes to lovely views, it’s hard to beat the one overlooking Maenporth. This gem is only a couple miles’ walk from my apartment via the coastal path, and the reward at the end of the hike is not only the scenery but also the opportunity to buy an ice cream cone to cool you down as you sit and watch the waves. 
dramatic clouds
During my evening walk home a few weeks ago, the sky put on quite a show. Even though the wind was nonexistent at ground level, there were obviously a variety of air currents higher up. The clouds had been twirled into dramatic formations, looking in some places like marbled ink. If I’d been in the US I would have been worried about a tornado, but here that is not an issue. It sprinkled a bit just after I got home, but then cleared up by the following morning–not nearly as dramatic a finale as I was expecting based on the views I’d had during my commute.
Over the 5 years that I’ve lived in Falmouth, I’ve taken dozens of photos off our balcony. Even though I’m always looking out to the same harbor, the same square, the same buildings, the view never fails to impress–especially on the long summer evenings like the one’s we’ve had recently. When I snapped this photo, the sky actually looked quite pink to me, but came out very orange in all my images. No matter–it’s equally lovely either way.